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When a user logs in with the correct details in Cisco Agent Desktop, the log in fails for some ICD agents, and the "Unable to log agent in" error message appears

Core Issue

In Integrated Contact Distribution (ICD) 3.0.2 with Cisco CallManager 3.2(2c)SPH, an agent receives this error message after logging into the phone:

Unable to log agent in


There are three possible workarounds for this problem, but often the problem is solved only temporarily and the problem resurfaces:

  • In Cisco CallManager Administration, de-associate the agent phone extension from the RM user or the Java Telephony Application Programming Interface (JTAPI) user, save the changes, and re-associate the agent phone extension to the RM user or the JTAPI user.

    Refer to the Associate Devices with the JTAPI User section of Configuring Cisco CallManager for Cisco CRA for more information.

  • Use a different phone to log in.

  • Restart the Cisco Customer Response Applications (CRA) Engine.

    Note: This affects the entire contact center operations.

Refer to these documents: