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When an attempt is made to log into Extension Mobility with IPCC, the "Error 6" error message appears

Core Issue

The Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) can result in authentication errors in Extension Mobility (EM).


In order to fix the issue, complete these steps:

  1. Check the Data Connection Directory (DCD) setting and recreate the user.

  2. Also, see if the EM service is setup to use an IP address for the URL.

  3. Restart the Cisco Tomcat service.

Note: When the Cisco Tomcat service is restarted, it disrupts other services, such as Cisco IP Manager Assistant (IPMA) and CDR Analysis and Reporting (CAR), that use the Cisco Tomcat Service. Cisco recommends to restart the Cisco Tomcat service at a non-critical time in order to reduce the impact on these services.

Refer to the Troubleshooting Cisco CallManager Extension Mobility section of Troubleshooting Features and Services for more information.

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