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When calling a CRA script that has been assigned to a route point and set to a language, callers do not hear any prompts

Core Issue

The script is invalid or the language to which the script has been set was not installed successfully.


To resolve this issue, perform these steps:

  1. Validate the script.

  2. Set the language at the route point to en_US and verify that the script operates correctly.

  3. If the script does not operate correctly, perform these steps:

    1. From the Cisco Customer Response Applications (CRA) Administration web page, choose System > Engine, click the Trace Configuration hyperlink and then check the Debugging check boxes for the LIB_MEDIA and the SS_TEL subfacilities.

    2. Run the script again and refer to the CRA trace files.

    3. If prompt exceptions appear in the CRA trace files, reinstall the desired language.

For more information about resolving Cisco CRA and Customer Response Solutions (CRS), refer to these documents:

Problem Type

Voice applications (CRS, PA, CCM Plugins, CER, CCC, MeetingPlace, etc.)

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Voice Quality

Absolute silence (Listen to short or long absolute silence samples.)

Failure Type

Bad operational behavior

Nothing plays: Missing tone, music, greeting, prompt, message, announcement, etc.

When Problem Occurs

Part of IVR dialog

Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) Port

CTI route point

Customer Response Solution (CRS) Version

CRS 3.x

Customer Response Solution (CRS) Applications

IP interactive voice response (IP IVR)

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Route point trigger

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Language prompt

CRA script

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