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When Cisco CallManager is installed on a new HP DL-380-G4 server, the installation fails during the OS image copy process from the DVD to the disk array

Core Issue

This issue occurs when two of the physical drives (2 and 3) are connected to Small Computer Systems Interface (SCSI) port 1 while drives 0 and 1 are attached to SCSI port 2.


All of the physical drives must be attached to SCSI port 2 in order for the Cisco-provided Windows 2000 Server Installation Operating System (CIPT OS) version 2000.4.3 to install correctly. After the server is re-cabled and all the drives are placed on SCSI port 2 (also known as the embedded SCSI simplex configuration by HP), the installation runs perfectly.

To recable the Cisco CallManager server, perform these steps:

  1. Remove the SCSI terminator on the vertical circuit board, where the SCSI cables from the drives are attached.

  2. Disconnect the cable on SCSI port 1 on the mainboard and swing it over to where the terminator was connected.

    This daisy-chains all of the drives onto SCSI port 2. As a result, a green LED light is seen if the server is powered up. This shows the array is in the simplex configuration.

  3. Prior to CIPT OS 2000.4.3 installation, it is advisable to [F8] into the SmartArray 6i controller during the boot sequence to verify that all physical drives are on SCSI port 2.

    If all drives are not on SCSI port 2, open the box and re-cable the array. This usually resolves the issue. 

For the HP DL-380-G4 server specifications, refer to HP Server Solutions.

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