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When hard resetting a Cisco 7940 or 7960 IP phone after an upgrade to Cisco CallManager 4.0(2)a, the user receives the "Load=7.1(1.0)File Not Found" error message

Core Issue

The error message displays briefly on the IP phone LCD, and an error similar to this can be seen in the Cisco CallManager Application Log (in the Event Viewer):

Error: StationEventAlert - Station alert.

  TCP ProcessID:

  Device Text: 6: Name=SEP000F239846CD Load=6.0(5.0)File Not Found

  Param1: 2048

  Param2: 73115840

  App ID: Cisco CallManager

  Cluster ID: RWCM1-Cluster

  Node ID:

Explanation: Station device sent an alert to Cisco CallManager.

Recommended Action: Ensure that the configuration for identified device is

properly configured.

The IP phone already seems to have this load version correctly. The error is not displayed on a soft reset, only when the power is disconnected.


This error is cosmetic only and is addressed in Cisco bug ID CSCef91891 - CallManager TFTP Load=6.0(5)0 File Not Found when phone is reset.

This error is also displayed with earlier 6.0(x) version phone loads. The error displays on systems where IP phone security is not implemented, and the phone cannot find a CTL security file. The error is resolved in IP phone load version 7.1(2.0).

To resolve the issue, download the latest phone load version (7.1(2.0) or later) from the Software Download page and install it.

This document applies to Callmanager 3.x and 4.x