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When the Service activation page is accessed on a newly installed Cisco CallManager Subscriber Server, the "Cisco CallManager Error: 16389, This process does not exist in the Win2k Service control manager." error message appears

Core Issue

On Subscriber, the status of all IP phones status shows NOT FOUND, while on Publisher, everything appears registered just fine.The error seems to happen when you access the Cisco CallManager Services Window, but the Service has not been actually loaded into the Microsoft Windows Services.


In order to resolve the issue, you need to load the Cisco CallManager service into the Windows Services:

  1. Open the Command Prompt and choose Start > Run > Type: cmd.

  2. Type CD c:\Program files\cisco\bin.

  3. Run the ccm.exe service command in order to load the process in the Windows Services.

  4. Then you need to start the service from the Windows Services window and set it up to start automatically.

In case issue still persists, it is possible that you need to restart the Server.

Refer to Installation, Backup, and Restore Issues for more information.