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When the user leaves a voice mail message in Cisco Unity, the call gets disconnected if the caller takes a small pause. The voice mail is not recorded

Core Issue

When Cisco Unity detects a pause equal to the number of seconds specified in the System Configuration Parameters, Cisco Unity assumes the speaker has finished recording the message, greeting, or recorded name.


To increase the number of seconds of silence that Cisco Unity uses to detect the end of a recording, perform these steps:

  1. Open the System Admin web page of Cisco Unity.  

  2. Go to System > Configuration > Recordings.  

  3. Under Stop recording after how many seconds of silence, specify one of these two configurable parameters:  

    • Short recording (Short Recording Trail Limit or less)      

    • Long recording (greater than Short Recording Trail Limit)

For additional information, refer to the Recording Settings section of System Settings.

Problem Type

Call connection  (Connection quality: One-way audio, no busy tone, dropped calls, etc.)

Voicemail problems

Call Connection

Dropped or disconnected calls

Voicemail Problems

Voicemail behavior problems

Voicemail system or feature

How to ...

How to ... voicemail systems

Voicemail System


Failure Type

Bad operational behavior

Nothing detected: Not detected, recorded, understood, recognized, etc.

Cannot create, add, assign, calculate, modify, update, record, delete, eliminate,hide, remove, purge, save or extend

Frequency and Scope of Symptom

Only voicemail related calls are affected

Occurs after a certain time interval

Occurs only during or after a specific event

When Problem Occurs

During any audio from the voicemail system

In message during gaps in speech

While leaving voicemail

Unity Version

Unity version 3.1(2) or later

Unity 4.x

Unity General Features

Unity subscriber

Voicemail, Conference, CRS/IPCC, Autoattendant and TTS/ASR Functions


Voicemail message

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How can you change this setting in Unity Connection?