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When voicemail answers, it makes the System unable to process requests announcement and Cisco Unity 4.x is booting in UMR mode

Core Issue

When accessing Cisco Unity, you receive the message The System is unable to process requests. Restarting Cisco Unity has no effect in the announcement.

It is possible to start the Cisco Unity system even if it does not have access to the Exchange server. In Cisco Unity 3.x, this function needed to be configured. However, Cisco Unity 4.x automatically starts in Unity Message Repository (UMR) mode if it cannot access the Exchange server.


Check to see if Cisco Unity is in UMR mode, which usually means that Cisco Unity is unable to access the Exchange server to save files.

One reason for this problem is that Exchange was short of hard drive space. To resolve this issue do one or more of the following:

  • Defragment the Exchange server hard disk.
  • Have users clean the mailboxes of large email files.
  • Implement restrictions on email sizes on the Exchange server.

When finished, reboot Cisco Unity.

For more information, refer to How  to Start Cisco Unity in UMR Mode.