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While trying to access the IP Phone Productivity Services, the IP phone displays the "Service Subscription Validation Failed" error message

Core Issue

The probable cause of an IP phone displaying this error message is that the Phone Productivity Service (PPS) Dynamic Link Libraries (DLLs) could not be registered during installation.


To register DLLs, perform these steps:

  1. Stop the Internet Information Server (IIS) web server and the Cisco Telecaster UMClient service on the PPS server.
  2. Go to the <PPSInstallDir>/bin directory.
  3. Run the register.bat file.
  4. Restart the services you stopped earlier.

    Note: You also may want to verify the subscription. For more information, refer to Subscribing to Cisco IP Phone Productivity Services.

For more information about resolving PPS, refer to these documents:

Problem Type

Voice applications  (CRS, PA, CCM Plugins, CER, CCC, MeetingPlace, etc.)

Failure Type

Error message

Cannot request a service

When Problem Occurs

When pressing services button

End Where Problem is Heard or Device Type Involved

IP phone

IP Phone Errors

Service Subscription Validation Failed

Voice Applications

IP phone productivity services (PPS)

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