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Why Create a Communication Strategy

You'll want to make sure you've scoped out the training requirements for subscribers early in the process, before the project team becomes heavily involved in design and implementation. This way, you'll ensure that sufficient time is available to develop and present the training.

Bear in mind that different audiences receive content at different rates from different channels. You can't expect 100% of the intended audience to attend a single training session, for example. You might consider assessing the program schedule at this point and identifying content delivery timeframes that will provide a communications flow that moves targetted audiences to appropriate positions on the commitment/adoption curve:

1. “Awareness” – vision, goals, benefits
2. “Understanding” – what’s changing, who is affected, actions required
3. “Acceptance” – training details, new roles and requirements, formal policies
4. “Adoption” – realized benefits, Support and Maintenance, future roadmap.