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With Active Directory integration for the Cisco CallManager directory, password policies on the Active Directory server do not allow Attendant Console to bring up call control

Core Issue

Cisco CallManager needs the password for the Attendant Console (AC) user to be exactly 12345 when AC is used.

When Cisco CallManager is integrated with Active    Directory (AD), password policies on the AD server can restrict the use of passwords such as 12345. In this case, you must make some additional changes in Cisco CallManager in order to allow a password other than 12345.


To resolve this issue, perform these steps in Cisco CallManager:

  • Log in to the Cisco CallManager system.            

  • Double-click the C:\Program Files\Cisco\CallManagerAttendant\bin\acconfig.bat file, in order to open the Attendant Console configuration tool.            

  • Select Start > Run, and type cmd in the window in order to bring up a command prompt.            

  • At the prompt, enter C:\Program Files\Cisco\CallManagerAttendant, then notepad etc\            

  • Locate the JTAPI_PASSWORD= line.            

  • Issue the bin\acenc.exe command in order to generate an encrypted copy of your new password.   
  • Copy the output, and place it after JTAPI_PASSWORD=.            

  • Save and exit Notepad.            

  • Restart the Cisco Telephony Call Dispatch service.   

    Note: For more information, refer to the Starting the Telephony Call Dispatcher section of Configuring Cisco WebAttendants


  • Repeat these steps on all Cisco CallManagers in the cluster.   

For additional information, also refer to the How do I change the password for the ac user? section of Cisco CallManager Attendant Console Frequently Asked Questions.