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With Cisco CallManager 4.x and 3.x, when using 7914 IP phone expansion module connected to 7960 IP phones, a call to the 7914 shared line is answered and the 7914 LED lamp stops working (does not illuminate in red)

Core Issue

This problem is documented in Cisco bug ID CSCsb85223 and CSCsa65880.

Cisco CallManager version 4.0(2a) ES 48, 3.3(3) with 7960 phone load P00307020300 7914 Load - S00104000100:

  •    7960 DN 2000 LineInstance 1 on Phone A [ 0013C352F2FA ]

  •    7940 DN 2001 Line Instance 1 on Phone B [ 0007855C8067 ]

  •    7914 DN 2001 Line Instance 4 on Phone C [ 00036BC97A0C ]


In order to turn the light on in version 7.2(3), go to the phone configuration page and change the privacy to Off (on the phone without the 7914 module that is sharing the same extension).

For Cisco CallManager 4.0(X) and later, if you answer the call on phone B (with Privacy enabled on phone B), the icon on the 7914 shows double handset (remote in use), but the LED on the 7914 is Off, indicating that the line is available for use on the 7914.  Pressing the line button on the 7914 always gives a new call, and you are not be able to barge in (since phone B has enabled privacy).

With Privacy disabled on phone B, the icon on the 7914 shows double handset (remote in use), and the LED is red, also indicating remote in use.  If you press the red LED, you get the In Use Remote message on the phone, and you have softkeys for Barge and NewCall.

In 3.3(X), there is no Privacy feature and Barge is a global parameter and can be used per requirements.

For more information on the 7914 IP phone expansion module, refer to Cisco IP Phone Expansion Module 7914.

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