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With Cisco CallManager, BARS backup fails with the Could not build archive succesfully error message

Core Issue

The message occurs for one of these reasons:

  • If the the location where you are taking backup does not have enough disk space.
  • If the backup is taken at a network destination, accessing the network destination machine might take more time, and BARS times out.
  • If a single file for backup has a size greater than 2 GB. This usually is the Call Detail Records (CDR) database. 


Verify the the location where you are trying to back up has enough space. It must have more than the staging directory size as indicated in the BARS log. In that case, this is a valid message indicating that the storage destination location does not have enough space to host the archive file.

This issue is documented in Cisco bug ID CSCee43938, and it is fixed in BARS 4.0(6), which has a longer time out (approximately four hours).

To resolve the issue, upgrade to BARS 4.0(6). You can download the latest BARS version from Software    Download-CallManager & Voice Apps Crypto Software.

If the network is slow, and if the backup data size increases, then it may be less than 4 hours. In this case, it is better to perform the back up locally (tape drive) or to take backup on a network destination that is easily accessible.

If this procedure does not resolve the issue, perform one of these procedures:

  • Purge old CDR records or deselect CDR database backup during BARS configuration to avoid this situation.
  • Check if the destination folder (where backup is created) has the administrator group's permission, and make sure it is inheriting the permissions from the parent folder.
  • Use BARS during off peak hours or when transfer is expected to be faster.

For more information, refer to these documents:

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