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With Cisco CallManager, when a 7900 series IP phone is reset, a DeviceUnregistered - Device unregistered error message is displayed in the Application Event Viewer

Core Issue

For every issue that causes a phone to reset or restart, Cisco CallManager logs an error in the Application Event Viewer, as shown:

  Event Type: Error
  Event Source: Cisco CallManager
  Event Category: None
  Event ID: 3
  Date: 1/6/2004
  Time: 3:10:17 PM
  User: N/A
  Error: DeviceUnregistered - Device unregistered.
  Device name.:
  Device IP address.:
  Device type. [Optional]: 7
  Device description [Optional].: Auto 2002
  Reason Code [Optional].: 9
  App ID: Cisco CallManager
  Cluster ID: CRBNPUB-Cluster
  Node ID:
  Explanation: A device that has previously registered with Cisco CallManager
  has unregistered. This event may be issued as part of normal unregistration
  event or due to some other reason such as loss of keepalives.
  Recommended Action: No action is required if unregistration of this
  device was expected.>

This message is a result of IP phone reset or restart. These are the possible reasons:

  • EM login/logout
  • Admin reset or restart (An administrator resetting the IP phone through the    admin interface)


In the message from the Application Event Viewer, Device    type 7 indicates a Cisco 79xx series phone. Reason code    9 is CallManagerReset. Reason Code 9 is a normal condition.

Device reset is typically done with this sequence:

  1. The device unregisters from Cisco CallManager.

    At this time, the DeviceUnregistered event is generated. The reason    code indicates why the device is unregistered. Reason code 9 indicates    it is due to the device reset.

    The DeviceUnregistered event is for all devices that register to Cisco CallManager, including Media Gateway Control Protocol (MGCP), gateways, phones, H.323 trunks, and media devices.

  2. The device re-registers to Cisco CallManager. At this time, the DeviceRegistered event is generated.

Note: There is no guarantee that the device will re-register.

This issue is also documented in Cisco bug ID CSCed38302.

For related information, refer to System Error Messages for Cisco CallManager 3.2.

Problem Type

Call connection  (Connection quality: One-way audio, no busy tone, dropped calls, etc.)

IP phones and other clients  (Client registration, faulty IP phone, etc.)

Call Control


CallManager Features

Bad operational behavior, status,information, performance, delay or other CCM failure

IP Phones and Clients

IP phone faulty operation

Registration problems

Failure Type

Bad operational behavior

Crash, reset, failover, etc.

Error message

Frequency and Scope of Symptom

Occurs only during or after a specific event

When Problem Occurs

After reboot

End Where Problem is Heard or Device Type Involved

IP phone

Troubleshooting Tools

Application event viewer or other event log

CallManager Errors

Registration errors

MGCP Features

MGCP gateway

CallManager Versions

CallManager 4.0

CallManager 4.1

CallManager 3.0

CallManager 3.1

CallManager 3.2

CallManager 3.3

IP Phone Models

7900 Series IP Phone

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