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With Cisco Unity Express, when calls are forwarded from one IP phone to another IP phone, and then from the second phone to CUE, the call is redirected into the second phone's mailbox instead of the original called number mailbox

Core Issue

CME passes the last redirecting number to Cisco Unity Express (CUE), so CUE drops into the second called party mailbox instead of the original called party mailbox.

This is an known issue with early releases of CUE and CME. This issue appears to be fixed through Cisco bug ID CSCsd22694. A feature enhancement request was satisfied recently as part of the resolution of this bug. It is available in the latest CCO version of CUE (2.3.1).

This issue affects CME 3.1 and CUE 1.1 on a 3725 router with Cisco IOS  12.3(8)T6.


To overcome this problem:

In CCM mode, no other steps are neccessary to resolve this issue. However, you must issue the voicemail mailbox-selection original-called Command Line Interface (CLI) command on CUE 2.3.1. This command tells CUE to use the original called party number:

If running in CME mode, upgrade to CME 4.0. Also, CME must be configured to pass the original called party number over to CUE. To do this, issue the Cisco IOS mailbox-selection orig-called-num CLI command.

This means the CUE must run version 2.3.1, and the CME router must have CME 4.0 features (recently released in version 12.4.4XC).

To download CUE Release 2.3.1, refer to CUE Software Downloads.

To download CME, refer to CME Software Downloads.