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With the MGCP gateway, the user is unable to send # to a Telco from Cisco CallManager 4.1 when a route pattern has a # in the end

Core Issue

Cisco CallManager always considers # in the end of dialing as an "end of dialed digits."


In Cisco CallManager 4.1, there is a Strip # Sign from Called Party Number parameter, which enables the stripping of the # sign digits from the called party information element (I) for the inbound, outbound, Q.931, and H.225 SETUP messages. Valid values specify True (strip the # sign) or False (do not strip the # sign).

Note: The default value is True.

To stop the Cisco CallManager from considering # as end-of-dialing, set this parameter to False . This allows Cisco CallManager to send #.

To set the value of this parameter, choose Service > Service Parameters > CallManager service on the Cisco CallManager Admin page, and look for this parameter. Refer Service    Parameters Configuration for more information on configuring Service Parameters Configuration.