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Zero and minimum duration calls to 911 do not show up in the CDR database

Core Issue

This problem is reported for several 911 calls made from the T1. The calls are hung up quickly, as if 911 was dialed mistakenly. Also, when the CDR database is checked, these calls do not show up.


Unless the parameter is enabled, the server does not log calls with zero duration in the Call Details Record (CDR) database. This includes calls that are never connected.

To resolve the issue, perform this procedure on each server (starting with the publisher and then with any subscriber servers):

  1. Go to the Cisco CallManager administration page.

  2. Select Service > Service Parameters.

  3. Select the corresponding server, and then select the Cisco CallManager service.

  4. Find the CDR parameter called Log calls with zero duration, and make sure that flag is set to True, and click Update.

  5. Repeat the process with the rest of the servers in the cluster.