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What is the benefit of integrating TMS/VCSc/VCSe into the call manager environment ?

Good Morning,

I have two separate customers each with different scenarios but relatively similar questions...

Customer #1 currently has Call Manager version 9.x in two of 10 location (Campus environment) and a dozen or so Polycom endpoints, a few legacy MXP and a few EX series endpoints.  A few months ago they purchased the VCSc/VCSe/TMS solution which we implemented and is working for both SIP and H.323 interoperable calling between the various endpoints.  They are asking about the benefit of integrating their call manager with the current Telepresence solution that they purchased, so my question is what would be the benefit (long term or short) of integrating the two environments together and how would this work with Polycom endpoints ?

Customer #2 - is a larger corporation with 6 locations on an MPLS backbone with 8 or so various CTS models (1000, 3000, etc) and a few C-series endpoints and a few EX series endpoints.  All their devices will soon be registering to an upgraded call manager 9.x (phase 1) and will be able to make and receive internal calls.  They are looking to expand on their Telepresence but only have an occasional need for outside calling.  My initial feeling was to recommend the VCS Starter in a DMZ to add the capability for external calling and trunk the two SIP servers (Call manager and VCS) then add TMS for call scheduling and an MCU for bridging, but I am not sure of the benefit or drawback using a bridge with the CTS units.   My questions are two fold ... first, what is the benefit or draw back (limitations) to using TMS and an MCU bridge with the CTS units registered to call manager (how would that work) .... and secondly, f the CTS units have built in codec with built in multipoint for calling would they still need an MCU for internal/external calling ? 

Any design advice is greatly appreciated




What is the benefit of integrating TMS/VCSc/VCSe into the call m

hi James,

see answers below:

Customer#1  the benefit of integrating the Telepresnece environment with CUCM environment is to provide the ability to have end to end integrated video solution between the VCS registered VC endpoints and CUCM registered end points like IP phone with Video capability, Cisco Jabber ..etc increased collaboration


with CUCM version 10 you can have the VCSe to communicate directly to CUCM ( I suggest you to double check )

the CTS do not need MCU for point ot point calls only for multi point calls either MCU or CTMS can work

if you use TP server and registered with CUCM as media resource and define it in TMS this will help in having multi point call between differnt end points and CTS

hope this help

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