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Messages lost during migration

Well, there seems to be severe issue related to message migration. The unknown number of messages has been damaged diring migration - missing content, broken formatting. In some cases it's minor issue, in some it render message unhelpfull.


I already reported the Message body not migrated correctly case. It is only case I got the feedback and message content has been restored from old system.


For others reported cases, like Broken messages during migration or Complex comment broken during migration I got no feedback.


Now I found another cases. The some text in following thread has been damaged during migration and it make message unhelpfull:

I'm sure that the list of damaged messages are not complete - I didn't tried to search for them intentionally. I suspect there is pile of others. It seems that it will be necesarry to identify all the affected messages and re-migrate them from old system. I'm sure thar Cisco doesn't expect we will search for those messages and report them one-by-one.

Well, I understand that this system has so many issues during current beta-testing phase and team is workign hard on more severe issues than "we didn't migrated content correctly an dit has been lost partially". So I'm willing to correct the cases I discovered, even on one-by-one basis. So I asked for access to old system. Read only, of course. No feedback at all to my request ...

According Known Issues document, no issue has been solved within past two weeks. And no issue has been added to the list of known issues - despite the community members reported many. Most of reported problems has no feedback - even something vague like "somebody responsible has read the report" or "you are idiot, it work like a charm, just learn how to use it properly".

It seems that Cisco decided to wait for members become tired. OK, no problem, it's your forum, do anything you wish with it. I just want not to waste my time to report issues if it will not become "known" to you despite the report. Just say "Don't bark here anymore" if you wish - I have no problem with it. But give us any feedback, please.


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I have to say I agree with

I have to say I agree with Dan.

I don't want to simply appear to be bashing the Cisco folks that run this community as I appreciate they're working hard to try and resolve the issues. But it's now three weeks since the migration and despite numerous issues being raised via the Feedback Forum, there seems little or no response to that feedback, and no updates on the Known Issues post.

And despite numerous comments relating to what are in my opinion are two of the biggest issues, performance and notifications, we're still to see any improvement. As I type this I opened the LAN forum page in another window.... 30-seconds to load.

Perhaps the subject of Dan's post should have been "Message ignored since migration" as it looks that at the moment the message the Community is sending back is not being listened to.


Dan and Steve,We are

Dan and Steve,

We are capturing all the feedback and feel we have a good handle on core issues.  Our current focus is on notifications, performance, and search.  Our goal is to get these core issues addressed first. 

In our release last night we addressed notifications and search.  Notifications should now be working with the exception of "entire community subscription".  You may also notice a few grammar issues in the notification namings which will be fixed in the coming days.  Some fixes for search were also put in and the site index is currently being rebuilt. If you do tasks such as search by a user ID it should now render content for that user ID.  You can expect more usability fixes for search shortly.

We appologize for the inconvenience and appreciate your patience.



Cheers, Dan
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I appreciate your feedback

I appreciate your feedback and team effort. And I trust you that all feedback is collected.

But what I tried to say is - any reported issue should be either rejected or added to "Known Issues"

Such approach will avoid frustration and increase patience as it give a hope that the problem is recognized and will be solved. Even in the distant future ...

... my question related to read-only access to old system remain unanswered yet ...


Hi Dan,We are on a different

Hi Dan,

We are on a different platform and no longer have a license agreement with our previous provider.  Getting read-only access to the old system is not possible.


Cheers, Dan
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Well, so your team need to

Well, so your team need to identify all those broken message and reimport them ...

By the way, broken import is another unlisted known issue ...

Thank you for your reply. It explained me why the CSC has been switched to new UI even know to be buggy in advance ...


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