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Most recent responded discussion not showing at the top

I have commented on a few discussions and normally they would go to the top of the list, but I find myself going through multiple pages to get to the same topic. Also topic not showing in recent activity.

New Member

Hi Steven,Appreciate your

Hi Steven,

Appreciate your feedback. We are looking into this. You should be able to look at the Popular discussions widget on the right to find your post or reply. We found that the widget is cached and you will be able to see it within 30 min at the latest. We will be resolving this soon.

Apologize for the inconvenience.

Vidhya Srinivasan Manager, Cisco Support Community
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This problem with content

This problem with content caching has been reported by me during beta-testing. And it has been solved, as far as I know. So it seems to be a sort of regression ...


Hi Steven,This was fixed in

Hi Steven,

This was fixed in our release last night.  The newest activity should now show up at top of the list.



Cheers, Dan
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Dan and othersJust wanted to

Dan and others

Just wanted to say a big thank you for this.

It may seem like a small change but it automatically makes the site so much more useable while logged on and you no longer have to go hunting around for threads you have posted into.

Really has made a huge difference.


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