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New Forum Issue: XML and HTML Tags Not Displayed

Two things to this post, which are very important to me and how I contribute in the sections I participate in.

1. The option to format text in a post as XML or SQL is now missing.  There's only three block styles to choose from and the only one of the three which makes sense to replace the previous funationality is "Special Contain..."

Let's see what formatting a simple XML document looks like in that style:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>

Note: This will not be formatted in anyway

And for the sake of covering the formatting mistake, here is a screenshot of what I typed into the editor:


Next, let's format it with the Special Contain, and here's a screenshot of that.

I would like the old formatting back, as it was easier to use, purpose built for XML, and had syntax highlighting.


2. Along the lines of entering XML into posts, the conversion from the old to the new forum dropped so much data, that lot's of useful posts which use to contain XML samples are now render useless.

Here are a couple of examples (you may have to scroll to see the issue at hand):

This one is subtle

This one is really subtle (look for TEXT[/en/original.txtnew.txt]  (it shouldn't look like that.)

Actually, strangely enough, as I was pulling up examples of the failure scenario, I ran across this thread which does not seem to suffer the same fate:

Anthony Holloway

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1. Fortunately, you can

1. Fortunately, you can switch to source editing mode. It is annoying, it take time, it require skills, and - even worse - not all construct properly displayed in advanced editor are rendered same way when submitted, but it is better than nothing. It sound you are so demanding user ;-). Even simple strikeout doesn't work properly for months and you are calling for XML syntax highlighting ?

2. I hate team responsible for data import from old forums for it. So many valuable old post are turned into useless crap during upgrade. Not only XML samples embedded into messages has evaporated, even simple active reference to other documents are missing from messages. I reported the issue during beta-testing period. Despite of it (and many other issues known) the system has been deployed into production and old system has been shutdown so no one can access the original messages even in read-only mode. The issue is listed in my Ignored issues document as well. To be true, I don't expect the Cisco will solve it even in the distant future. Those information needs to be considered lost forever. I consider unfortunate, unpolite and unprofessional to waste time spend by community members to create those advices, but that it is. It is Cisco's forum, so it has full sovereignty to make final decisions.

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