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Some issues and recomendations



Seems to me that the notifications of new discussions started in the CSC sections to which I subscribe to are not being sent to me. For me this is essential as I tend to only check the forums when I get the notifications. But to my understanding this is already being looked at.


The other major issue for me personally is that the page layout seems way too spread out. If I now open the Firewall or VPN Discussion section for example I can only see 3 discussion topics before I already have to scroll down the view.  Also it seems that a single topic/discussion in the list takes more space than before. If I rememeber correctly the older listing of topics/discussion was more condenced which allowed for a much larger listing of discussion to browse through. I also wonder if having the discussion topics font bolded would help it be more easily readable. Somehow it seems to me that I take a lot more time browsing through the discussion topics than before.


The layout of the actual discussion also seems to have changed in the same way that the whole site has. It seems to me that the discussion are taking more space and there seems to be some unnesecary spacing between lines written which further make it harder to read.


It also seems that the user Icons/Names and the related Stars and VIP and other logos are really not in the correct proportion to eachother. I think for example that the  Discussion Leaderboards (the ones specific to a certain area of the CSC) and actual Leaderboards would be way much easier to read if you would make the User Icons smaller. They also seem to "suffer" from the same things I mention earlier. Way too much space used for a single User.


- Jouni


Hi Jouni,Notifications aren't

Hi Jouni,

Notifications aren't all working.  This is a top priority and we hope to have them fixed shortly.

As for cosmetic changes we will be evaluating the feedback over the coming days and months and make changes accordingly.

Please continue sending us comments on the new site.



Cheers, Dan