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Unable to view the document as PDF and video is not working.

Hi Team,


I can't view any document (discussion) as PDF and  if i try to download that then only half content is coming in downloaded file.


Please look into this and certain  video are not available, for example the Voice Technical Services Virtual Boot Camp video is not available in this new version.





Community Member

Hi Rajkumar,Thanks for your

Hi Rajkumar,

Thanks for your feedback. 

Could you please tell us the specific document you were unable to view? We can look into it right away.

We have a known issue with Firefox on windows. Chrome and IE works. Could you please let me know if you tried with Firefox? 

Thanks again.

Hi,Appreciate your reply for


Appreciate your reply for this.

Now coming to the document not able to view in PDF issue.

Let say i want to view any discussion / document as PDF format (link is

Earlier we had view as pdf option and now we have save option, however in the save option not much content is coming in the downloaded file.

Please try yourself and let me know whether you get full content.


Coming to the video issue. 

I'm trying to access below link from the support forum and getting error can't find the video.

I'm using Chrome and internet explorer as you already suggested.

Kind Regards.


Community Member

Hi Rajkumar,You are right

Hi Rajkumar,

You are right about the "Save" option. we will look into this.

Regarding the videos - they all seem to work now. Can you verify?

Thank you.

Vidhya Srinivasan Manager, Cisco Support Community

Hi Vidh.Video seems to be

Dear Vidhya.

Video seems to be working.

Appreciate your help.




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