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A deletion time period

I know this has been done before, but I seem to remember on the older format that when you created a post you had 10 - 15 minutes to delete the post before it was seen on the forums. I've been known to not read a post carefully and then answer the post, only to reread after my post and then realize I had given wrong information. I'll delete the post, but the OP will get an email with my post listed in the email which is now no longer there.

Is there a way to have a window on a response, say 10 or 15 minutes, where you have the time to delete the post before it gets sent to the OP? It confuses posters when they go back to view the response and it's no longer there even though they have the body of the message in an email.



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A deletion time period

Hi John,

On the old community you had 10-15 minutes to delete a discussion but it always triggered an email immediately.  I'll have to do some investigating to see if we can alter the timing of instant emails.  I could also see this useful for all the edits that occur right after someone posts and figures out they have missed something.  Anyone else have thoughts on this?  



Cheers, Dan

A deletion time period

Yes, and I've done that as well. Sometimes I'll edit a post only for the OP to act on my "pre-edit" post and it not work for them, but the "post-edit" did (after I told them I had to edit my post). So if they immediately get emails on these updates, being able to delay sending those would be great too...



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A deletion time period

Yes, delaying the email notification would be great.


A deletion time period

At least a 5 to 10 minute delay is a good idea to allow for post re-editing immediately after the initial posting.

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A deletion time period

Like the others, agree either 10 to 15 minutes after the original post, or perhaps 5 to 10 minutes after the last revised post, would be great!

Was this ever accomplished?

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A deletion time period

No, my opinion is thater should be no time limitation for post editing or deleting.


Re: A deletion time period

This thread isn't about the time limit for editing or deleting a post, but about how long after something is posted before an email is generated and sent to all of the followers. The OP would like to see a delay before the message is sent by email.

The OP is concerned that when they write a post and then edit it to fix some typos, the version with errors has already been widely circulated by email. Those who only read the email and don't look in the forum thread only get to see the incorrect information.

The system should be built such that it delays the sending of the notification email by a few minutes in order to allow time for corrections to be posted. I agree with this, and certainly 5 to 10 minutes (perhaps a bit more) seems like a reasonable amount.