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Design section

i would love if there will be a new section that relate to Network design

and divided to security, voice, MPLS, routing and so on .. which is very interesting to have discussions that purly pertain to design issues and sugestions

thank you



Re: Design section

I agree; it would have some potential for interesting discussion.

Of course, I think we'd also see most of the posts along the line of "Please provide specs I need for a 200 person wireless LAN in my building, thank you" kind of posts (i.e., free design of a complex system with no details using the "20 question" design paradigm that ends with "Oh I didn't think it'd be that expensive, never mind, I'll go to Best Buy and see what's on sale").

We get those now across the board, so it's not really any different, and it does follow the logical split between pre and post-installation issues.

I'm for it, good suggestion!

Re: Design section


thanks for ur nice comment

we need it especailly the design issues considered more critical than technical issues because it is the base that the network will work on any wrong design will lead to problems even if the technical configurations were right

this include security, routing and swithcing vocie and IPTEL and so on

thank you



Re: Design section

I think having a design section would be a good idea, although I can understand the concern about getting a lot of fluff.

I find this idea particularly attractive because I am the only network engineer at my job and I often wish I had someone to "spit-ball" ideas with. I've posted design type questions in the past (to what I considered the relevant forums) and I can't express how much help they've been to me.

Besides, I know I'm not the only person who doesn't want to be referred to as "the idiot who designed this..." by the next guy who comes to the job. Any feedback is always appreciated.


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Re: Design section


I agree with all, this is a really good idea. Often people come to these forums with a technical problem and often the real solution is to tell them to redesign their network which

a) they often don't want to hear

b) is often not very practical for them

As Brandon quite rightly says it is very useful to bounce ideas off other people, i know from my personal experience that the best designs usually come out of a collabaritive approach.

My only concern is how this would be implemented practically without fragementing the existing groups too much.

Perhaps within each major topic ie. Network Infrastructure, Unified Communications & Video, Wireless Mobility etc.. we could have an additional forum for design.

My worry if we setup a whole new design forum is that we will end up with a lot of questions then in the wrong place.

And i agree with Scott in that we need to be careful that these forums don't just become a "please design my network for me...".

But design is so important it really should be highlighted and it is very interesting after all !!


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