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Double links within email subscriptions


Apologies if this has already been covered off (I looked but couldn't see anything).

I often use the email subscription feature so I get a full-text copy of posts sent to my email.

For the most part this is great, however whenever there is a quotation mark or a link to a URL things get messed up.

For quotation marks you get "TEXT"

For links you get the link twice, but slightly different code placed around it:

<A HREF="javascript:newWin('')"></A&gt;

Also the code breaks the link - it tries going to the url repeated twice.

If you go to the thread on the web page version everything is fine, it is only for the email subscription based version.


Re: Double links within email subscriptions

This thread reminds me of an older thread I had opened about an issue with embedded URL's while editing posts. The weird format which includes HTML tags and double quotes looks very similar to the output I was seeing when editing posts that had URL's in them (this issue has been resolved). This might be another instance of the same root cause or not. I mention it just in case.

Re: Double links within email subscriptions

Thanks for brining this to my attention. I will have IT investigate the problem.


Dan Bruhn

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Cheers, Dan
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