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Keep better track of your rated and unrated NetPro postings.

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What do you think about the review ratings concept? Do you think the idea should evolve into something different? Do you think this pilot should be dropped? Discuss it now.

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Hi Folks,

Really like the idea! I always feel badly when I see great answers that go unrated. I try to take the time each week to rate some of thenm, but this idea might really work :)

Thanks for the opportunity to give my two cents!

As always,

Thanks for the great venue.



The ratings system can be effective in encouraging participation, but in some cases can encourage sloppy participation. The rating must not become more important than the responses themselves. Somehow we need to discourage hurried responses that are designed to maximise points rather than address the issue.

How to avoid that? Maybe more weight could be given to the ratings average or number of issues resolved rather than the historical accumulated points. Perhaps the possibility to sort the NetPros by average score (to 2 decimal places), as well as the total (which could still be the default sort column). That would encourage newcomers as well, who sometimes feel that they cannot get onto the table until they have a thousand points or so.

I like the possibility of finding those responses to my questions that I have not rated yet. I would also like the possibility to quickly find follow-up replies to responses that I have generated. Also to find where my newest points have come from.

(Although I am aware of the dangers of feature-bloat.)

Kevin Dorrell


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i think you make a very valid point in that too often answers seem to be hurried merely to get points rather than make sure the poster receives a really good answer. Indeed if i am being totally honest i feel there are times, although hopefully rarely, where i have succummed to the same thing.

I think a lot depends on the motives of the people answering the questions. I know my primary reasons are to help others (because i know how frustrating it can be when you just can't work something out) and on a more selfish level to increase my own knowledge which is a never ending process !

I have seen fantastic answers go unrated and one words answers get rated 5 points. It is a lottery and i think no matter how you do the weightings it would still be a lottery because some people will always give 5 points and a "resolved", others not and quite often it has no real bearing on the quality of the answer.

On the whole though I think anything that encourages people to rate answers should be encouraged as it not only helps others find answers to their questions more efficiently it is also nice for people to receive points in recognition of their efforts.



Kevin, Jon

I just logged in to rate this with a comment "good work". However after reading ur comments, i decided to clarify something.

Everybody on this forum are to learn, & find solutions. If somebody answers in short, or hasnt replied to an extent that fully answers the authors post can be considered to be at the learners level. And for any learner, points are the best motivating factor. So, if somebody gets rated for an incomplete solution or short answer it shouldnt bother. After all points are not getting cashed guys, so there is no chance one getting richer than other.

I'm a learner here. I've been regular on this forum for the past one month. I started with shaky basics but with regular reading of posts & sometimes recurring posts have given me a level of confidence over certain topics. For me, Netpros with RED, BLUE, GREEN & PURPLE badges are GOD in this field. Colours may indicate someone joining early & some later. I dont miss reading any posts by these people. Sometimes I check their profile, to see their posts & then dig in further to learn.

After having scored 2500 or 3000 points I thought you people may hardly bother about points. I used to think why Rick,Rob, Edison, Jon or Kevin ever check their points or posts that have been rated. Sometimes u people make more points a week than many taking months for same.

I think any learner getting rated for short or incomplete solution(not silly) is a huge motivation for him. Being in different timezones, some learners may be the 1st to answer & experts login at their timezones may be late responders.

So to conclude, consider this:

Someone scored heavily in routing & switching but none in wireless or datacenter part. He suddenly sees a post in wireless asking somthing that he knows a little, he responds & gets rated at last. Wouldnt that man be at top of world.

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I agree with a lot of what you say. I think what myself and Kevin were talking about (although i don't want to put words in Kevin's mouth) was that people who can post a detailed explanation should. I have absolutely no disagreement with you in that a beginner in networking if they can answer someone else's post they should. Yes it may not be complete but they have helped someone and have probably given themselves a confidence boost. In addition, just to make sure they got it right they may well have referred to some Cisco doc's, i know i still do that, so they will in all probability have increased their knowledge as well.

So yes, i agree in general with what you say and i would never want to discourage anyone from particpating in NetPro.

But here is a rather fitting example of the other side

A poster asked about redundant VTP servers yesterday. I responded first and gave a rather brief answer about having 2 switches as VTP server. Kevin then responded later with a much more detailed example explaining not only how you can have redundancy but why etc. Kevin got rated and i didn't. Did it bother me - absolutely not, because Kevin's answer was much better than mine. Should i have been rated because the answer i gave was correct ? - well to be honest who knows and who cares. Points are not the main driver for me.

So if anything i wrote gave the impression that unless you could give a complete and detailed answer you should not reply to a question then i apologise for that. That is not what i was implying at all. But as Rick once said to me, those of use with more experience in this field should take the time and effort to answer questions fully and Rick is a great example of that.




I really appreciate all your feedback regarding this idea. Ratings were implanted to identify the most useful content and recognize member participation. In order to draw additional attention to ratings we have decided to implement this idea on NetPro. Our hope is to have this on our site within the next two months. If you have additional comments please feel free to post them.


Dan Bruhn

NetPro Community Manager

Cheers, Dan



It was nice to see such a discussion here..

i always respect and admire all the techis in the netpro..its always very difficult to be stick to ones job and find enough time to respond all the quires here..but hats off to all who still does it..lot to learn 4rm u all.. I think only the rating is a good system the one to show the acknowledgment to these efforts and the new idea to encourage this system is much welcome..

i have some suggestion over here,i dont know if i am speaking out any blunder over here..

I have always found some good question being asked here.But rating are not being given to those.Isnt it good to give rating for good questions also as we do for good respondse.I think this will encourage more people to ask good quality questions as well as encourage them to rate for the responde they receive also..


I think it's a good idea. There are a lot of questions that have been answered, but aren't rated - and vice versa. With questions that are being answered getting ratings, it makes it much easier for the folks who are answering questions to assist the ones with unanswered questions. Granted, you can see the # of replies, but not all of the replies amswer the original question completely.


I like this idea. Ratings also help those who replies to the original poster which replies solve his/her problem. Some original posters just disappear and/or the conversation ended without even telling which suggestions help solve his/her problem.




Hello All,

I would like to come forward and convey my Thanks to Cisco upon implementing the new Idea's on the Rating System.

Many new comers are not aware about the Rating system and for a new comer Cisco should send the welcome invitation describing the Rating System.

It normally encourage the NetPro Member who spends time in solving others Network problems. But, all the way everyone is a learner in the Forum, by experiencing each others network problems as their own.

So, let's all think & work as Friends in partner-ship on a longer run to build this Forum, for a POST one could get not rated for his answers but ther other could get the rating of 5" even though resembling the same answers.

All depends on, how far the Questioner understand that reply POST which has helped to resolved his / her problem.

I would say: "MAY the BEST POST WIN & get RATED"

Thanks in Advance for all your Contribution & Co-operation to this wonderful Forum by Cisco.

Best Regards,

Guru Prasad R

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