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sticky posts

i think some posts should be made sticky's for a while - at least ones that are really helpful or for people that are asking the same question over and over.


Re: sticky posts

Brad, that one is for keeps! Especially the postings about "why can't I see all the MAC addresses in my switch's ARP cache?" for example, or "why does my switch only run half-duplex when my server is running full duplex".

Who gets to decide which thread becomes sticky? Would you suggest a hands-on approach by the moderators, or would you suggest a more democratic mechanism?

Re: sticky posts

Maybe by rating? Or some type of "nominate for sticky" Ive only been really active for a couple months on netpro and I'm already seeing a lot of the same Qs in Career Cert.

Thanks for the support.

Re: sticky posts

There are similar instances in technical forum (infrastructure)as well. One should first search the cisco site, discussion forum or the internet for their query. This way they surely get the answer. The only reason for posting on the forum should be when someone didn't understand the concept even after going through the link or post, or has come across an issue whose solution is not available on net.

So what we do for repated questions is, refer them to a link which most of the times solves their problem. Even after implementing your idea people would still login & post their question without any efforts to first refer the sticky. Its a human nature.

Re: sticky posts

yeah, people are lazy!!!

Re: sticky posts

Kevin brings up the big sticking point (no pun intended) with sticky posts. How do we determine when a post should be sticky and when it should be taken down? I'm not so sure if we handled this based on ratings it would produce the desired results. Also, any suggestions on where these posts should reside? If these posts always sat on top of the forums then you'd always have to scroll down to see new posts. It might become a little annoying for members who visit daily. This is defiantly a suggestion I'm open to if we can come up with a good implementation. Any suggestions are welcome.


Dan Bruhn

NetPro Community Manager

Cheers, Dan

Re: sticky posts

What about some type of FAQ section or "hot topics" section that would be based on ratings for each forum?

For the stick posts, maybe a revolving 30 day window that takes into account the # of replies and ratings over the previous 30 day period. That would show the "hot topics" and the ones that are very helpful. If there could be an option for each user to "enable" or "disable" sticky topics per forum, that would be great too.