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Track ratings by date rated


Once you have noticed that your points have increased there is no easy way to see which post was rated. The only current way to do this is to search "My Posts" and try to remember which post wasn't rated before and now is.


You should be able to sort your rated posts by the date which they were rated.


Re: Track ratings by date rated

boy, u took it from me. I'm very new to this place & just yesterday i faced this problem. I saw a raise in my score but i couldnt track the question that was rated.

So i thought to find a place for suggestion, & here u are.

Either have the posts sorted by latest ratings or have a column of date for rating as well, that would reflect the latest date of being rated. so in case a post has been rated multiple times, then the date would help identify the last time it was rated.

Re: Track ratings by date rated

It would be good to have a link "Rated Posts" besides "My Posts" in Netpro profile with the idea in previous post.

Re: Track ratings by date rated

You can get an idea of rated posts by sorting "My Posts" by the ratings column. But of course that doesn't tell you when it was rated. You can, of course, filter by date at the same time, but that only handles the date of the posting and not the date of the rating.

Personally, I really like the idea of a "date last rated" column.

Kevin Dorrell


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