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Cisco webex meeting place server


I am in the process of  preparing  BOM on preimse audio conferncing for 2000 users capacity, can you some share what is HW and  SW requirements for auido only webex meeting place server

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Hi, If you are looking at



If you are looking at ordering Cisco WebEx Meetings Server 2000 user system, you can find an ordering guide here: 


I believe you should have access to it and I hope it will help.



A couple things here for

A couple things here for reference:

1.  WebEx and MeetingPlace are 2 very different products.  You need to spec the WebEx Meetings Server (CWMS).  I understand there may just be confusion of terms here but definitely makes a difference in positioning of product.

2.  There is no real "audio only" CWMS offering.  It's WebEx, which includes integrated web, voice, and HQ video conferencing.  There is the concept of "personal conferences" in new versions of CWMS (1.5 and higher) but it's not really what I would sell as an "audio only" solution if that's truly all the customer wants.

3.  The best way to quote CWMS hardware is to use the WMS EZ SKUs from Cisco.  Depending on your configuration (i.e. whether you are running IRP and/or HA), you would use the WMS-EZ-C460-800P SKU for the internal (or primary systems).  For external (IRP - if applicable), use WMS-EZ-C460-800I as the SKU.  How many you need is determined by requirements.



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Hailey,if customer only wants


if customer only wants audio confernce solution ( on premise) from cisco what is best aviablie prodcut, exitsing user 1000 and expected to grow maximum 2000 users, please suggest your recommandation.


i assume that meeting place end of sale and we have only CWMS as option


The end of sale date for

The end of sale date for MeetingPlace was just this past week...see for details and other milestones.

So, WebEx is your best on-prem option but it's definitely not a basic "audio only" type solution.  It sounds like you may want to reach out to your local Cisco account team to help in positioning the product and highlighting the value it brings.

Also, just because the company has 1000 or 2000 employees doesn't mean they actually require a 2000 user CWMS solution.  You really need to take a deeper look at their conferencing trends and requirements...such as concurrent conferences, average attendees, etc.  A 2000 user CWMS solution can support 2000 concurrent users but it's unlikely that 100% of a 2000 user company would be using the system simultaneously.  My point being that this size can also scale to a much, much larger company.  You may find that a 250 user system may suffice and require less upfront cost to the customer in hardware, etc.


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Hailey, i am planning to


 i am planning to propse  maximum 250 concurrent user supported HW with HA,

here my BOM


UCS C220 M3 - 2 Numbers for HW high aviablity and 100 users License 


1.0R-WBXMTSVR2-K9Webex Meetings Server 2.x Software KitN/A21 daysNo1
1.1WBXMTSVR2-USR-K9WBX Meetings Server 2.x - Initial LicensesN/A21 daysNo1000


can you please confirm is that ok




This isn't really a forum for

This isn't really a forum for verifying the accuracy of a BoM.  I would suggest you work with your local Cisco account team to do that for you.  For the hardware, you can still use the EZ SKUs ... for a 250 user system, use WMS-EZ-C220-250P and WMS-EZ-C220-250I with the same premise as my previous post.  If the customer already has CUWL Pro licensing, then the actual user licensing would be covered..however, I wouldn't be in on the specifics of that.


Cisco Employee

I am not sure if you will

I am not sure if you will have access to the ordering guide. It is usually restricted to partners. If you can't open this link, please, reach out to your Cisco Account Team or Cisco Partner to work with you on ordering the correct hardware and software.



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