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CWMS 1.5 directory integration




Currently i'm deploying a CWMS system and I have an issue with the directory integration.

When I try to enable directory integration I receive the "Invalid CUCM response" error when adding the CUCM server.

I checked the CUCM configuration and all prerequisites (AXL service,LDAP integration, Directory sync, e-mail address field) are enabled/done.

The CUCM server is on version 10.5.1 and CWMS on version

Any idea what this issue can be ?







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Cisco Employee

Hi Michaël,CWMS 1.5, doesn't

Hi Michaël,

CWMS 1.5, doesn't support CUCM 10.5 version. It supports only the following:7.1, 8.6, 9.0, and 9.1. Here is the documentation about this:


CWMS 2.0 MR3 and above supports CUCM 10.5 version:


I am not sure if that is the reason for your error message, but you should definitely use compatible (tested and supported) version of CWMS/CUCM.


I hope this helps.


Community Member

Hi Dejan,Thank you for your

Hi Dejan,

Thank you for your quick reply.

I find it a little bit strange that Cisco doesn't support newer CUCM versions than 9.1 for CWMS 1.5.

Cisco can't expect that every customer upgrade to version 2.0 if they want to upgrade the CUCM to version 10.5.

I can understand that older versions are not supported but the newer one not really....

Do you have any idea how we can troubleshoot this error in more details ?




Cisco Employee

Hi Michael, CUCM 10.x

Hi Michael,


CUCM 10.x introduced some changes in LDAP/AXL integration that weren't built into CWMS design and required significant changes (that were implemented in 2.0 MR3 version). 


Troubleshooting this error message would require log collection and deeper analysis, but due to unsupported environment, Cisco TAC probably wouldn't be able assist you before the supported version of CUCM is implemented, or CWMS was upgraded to 2.0 MR3 and above. 


If you verified all the configuration parameters and settings per CWMS 1.5 documentation and this doesn't work, then it is most likely issue with how CUCM 10.5 handles request via AXL. 


Unfortunately, that is all that can be done at this time.


Kind regards,


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