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CWMS 1.5 managing user

Hi everyone!


I have CWMS 1.5 which synchronized user with CUCM and AD respectively.

I just got issue about 2 user that have same email address.

User1 Email :

User2 Email :


After i test log in CWMS with with password of user1 and user2. It seem like CWMS synchronized user only user1 


My Objective is try to change CWMS to synchronize user with user2 instead


I have tried to remove email address field of User1 in AD and synchronize both CUCM and CWMS once again -> The resule is in CWMS shown as inactive* status which disabled by LDAP


Is there any way to change to use with user2 instead? it seem like CWMS remember and associate to user1 following it email address.


Many Thanks





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Hi, CWMS will synchronize



CWMS will synchronize with the account which has the latest update. Hence, in CUCM, open the User2, edit something irrelevant, and just click Save. Once the save is completed, perform a full LDAP synchronization in CWMS. At this time, the User2 should be able to login with the credentials specified  in the User2 account.

I hope this will help.



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Hi Dejan, Many thanks for

Hi Dejan,


Many thanks for your recommended. But which field do you want me to change user2 in CUCM. Because all users has synchronized from LDAP so i can't edit field in user management page.



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Hi,You can modify whatever


You can modify whatever you want just to mark the user profile as updated. You can modify it in LDAP and after it syncs to the CUCM you can run a LDAP synchronization in CWMS. It is important that User2 is the one with the latest update, as CWMS will use the profile that is most recently updated.

I hope this will work for you.



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