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CWMS 2.0 license issue

Dear All:

I have CMWS 1.5 License,but official CWMS 1.5 OVA has's can't deployment.

So,i use CWMS 2.0 OVA from  cisco promotion store,and import 1.5 license.But,system  alert the license is not valid now.

My question is the CWMS 1.5 license can't use to CWMS 2.0 or must buy another upgrade kit???




There isnt a 'server' license

There isnt a 'server' license for CWMS, you license the users, you need to provide the output from the ELM to get the correct license file.

You could build the CWMS 1.5 server, license it and then upgrade to 2.0 but this would take some time, it would be easier to get the correct user licenses issued.

Cisco Employee

Hi,CWMS 1.5 and 2.0 have


CWMS 1.5 and 2.0 have different licenses. I am not sure how you obtained 1.5 license if you weren't able to deploy 1.5 OVA. To obtain the license, you need a License Request which is generated on CWMS system itself. Based on that License Request, you can generate the license file that can then be installed. If you weren't able to deploy CWMS 1.5, you then weren't able to generate License Request. So, I am a little bit confused.


In a nutshell, if you ordered CWMS 1.5 via PUT, but USB drive is corrupted and you couldn't install it. You would need to use PUT to order CWMS 2.0 media (reference this post for details about the media ordering). With that order you would get a Licensing PAK for CWMS 2.0. Then once you deploy CWMS 2.0, you can use that new PAK to generate new Licensing request and obtain CWMS 2.0 license.


Please, let me know if you have any questions about this.


Community Member

Hi dpetrovi:Thanks for your

Hi dpetrovi:

Thanks for your response,my company has buy CWMS 1.5 package ,but the official OVA form usb can't use,so i use CWMS 2.0 from promotion store,and use 1.5 license PAK

I will read you post URL to solved this issue!!!


Best Regards 

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