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CWMS 2.5 IRP VM is Down after update from 2.0 MR.x


Have you successfully updated a CWMS to version 2.5 with the Internet Reverse Proxy virtual machine? I´ve tried it 5 times from 2.0 MR3, 4 and 5 but the IRP VM is shown as down in the admin dashboard every time. I also tried to do a fresh install of the 2.0 version (only Admin VM), update to MR5, then to 2.5, and finally add the IRP VM but is also shown as down.

In vCenter the IRP console says it is in maintenance mode. It seems that in the last reboot of the system (to turn maintenance mode off) the Admin VM lose communication with the IRP VM. Any thoughts?

Thanks for your help,



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I'm having the same issue

I'm having the same issue after upgrading from 2.0 MR5 to 2.5...  

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Hello,i was thinking


i was thinking upgrading from

i also have a IRP connected now.

Is the update of the IRP automatic when you launch the update on the admin vm?


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Hi Joel and Giovanni, There

Hi Joel and Giovanni,


There is a new defect that was identified for IRP update failure during CWMS 2.5 update process. The workaround for this issue is to open port 7001 on DMZ firewall for both IRP VM IP address and Public VIP address so Admin VM can reach both IPs on port 7001.


I hope this will help.


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Dejan, I verified my Admin VM



I verified my Admin VM can reach the IRP VM IP and Public IP - the issue still persists.


Thanks for the reply.



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Same with me. I´m not

Same with me. I´m not blocking any ports as I have only routers without any ACLs applied and the IRP never comes back from Maintenance mode.

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Hi Joel, Update of the system

Hi Joel,


Update of the system can fail for many different reasons. Unfortunately, without looking at the logs we can't tell you much. Some of the usual suspects are:

1. Some needed ports/protocols are not open (

2. Time on IRP server is not in sync (verify NTP client on ESXi hosts is configured to Start and Stop with host, and that time is in sync. If the time is not in sync, make sure to put the system into Maintenance, gracefully power it off, and then modify the time)

3. If the system is not coming out of maintenance,  try to access admin page in a fresh browser (if you are logged in automatically, try to log out and log in), and then turn the Maintenance on and off.


This is all I can advise without any investigation being done.


I hope it will help.



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I ran into this issue as well

I ran into this issue as well, the only work around I found was to remove public access and redeploy the previous version of the IRP that you have the OVF template for.  I redeployed 2.0 and then added Public access back through the newly upgraded Admin VM. You will be prompted that the IRP is not the same version as your admin machine and it will then automatically upgrade it for you and the Datacenter status remained up throughout the install.  

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Hi,best way to update webex


best way to update webex from 2.0 to 2.5 is first install the 2.0 with Admin & IRP servers.

Before you update to 2.5 MR3 or higher need to update to 2.0 MR3 or higher.

Once updated to 2.0 MR3 or higher need to make sure its out of maintenance mode & everything should look good then need to switch back to maintenance mode.

Make sure the ISO image(Cisco WebEx Meetings Server version 2.5 Build is available in the Datastore in order to update to 2.5 version.

follow the below steps.

  1. From the CWMS Dashboard, put the system into Maintenance Mode.
  2. Power off the VMs (In vCenter for each VM select Power > Shut Down Guest).
  3. Once the machines are down, take the snapshot of each VM (in vCenter for each VM create a VM snapshot).
  4. After snapshots of CWMS VMs are taken, in vCenter, power ON all the VMs.
  5. The system will boot into Maintenance Mode.
  6. Mount the update ISO image to the CD/DVD drive of the Admin VM.
  7. Initiate the update process (Go to Dashboard Admin page, click on the System tab >  Upgrade > Update (minor update).  Click Continue, let the update proceed).
  8. Once the update is completed, bring the system out of Maintenance Mode

Now the work around is to remove the Public Access for the System>Properties.

At this stage the Internet Reverse Proxy (IRP's) servers are still in Maintenance mode.

After removing the Public Access go to, the VM Power off the IRP VMs (In vCenter for each VM select Power > Shut Down Guest).

Now revert back to the snapshot (2.0 MR3 or higher) that was taken before updating to 2.5

only for the IRP Servers.

After snapshots of IRP VMs are reverted back, in vCenter, power ON  the IRP VMs.

Then the final step is from the admin page System>Properties click on the Add Public Access

provide the FQDN of the IRP's & click on detect, once successfully detected click on continue you will be prompted that the IRP is not the same version as your admin machine and it will be automatically upgrade.

The final message would be

"Your Internet Reverse Proxy was successfully updated from to You have successfully added public access."





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