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Dial-in conference with conference-code

Hello all,

I'm currently running Mitel, considering a move to a BE6K with CUCM 10.5.  From what I can tell the default audio conference options are just ad hoc and MeetMe.  I'm looking for a more robust conference solution, that allows for host and participant access codes. 


For example the host calls in, enters their code, then participates call in and use a participant code to access that hosts call.  


I do not need web or video, just audio.  I don't want anything in the cloud, I want to host it myself.  In the past it looks like Meeting Place would do this, and now I would need Webex Meeting Server?





Hi Bill,Yes you will need

Hi Bill,

Yes you will need Cisco WebEx Meeting Server for this, there isn't an audio only option so you will have the full functionality of CWMS, You can add a HA server to make this a resilient solution.



VIP Green

You could use a MCU in

You could use a MCU in conjunction with your CUCM (they do Audio as well as Video).  That will do the auto attendants, with participant and host PINs.

Please remember to rate responses and to mark your question as answered if appropriate.

Please remember to rate responses and to mark your question as answered if appropriate.
Cisco Employee

Hi Bill, Cisco WebEx Meetings

Hi Bill,


Cisco WebEx Meetings Server is currently available on-premise conferencing solution (MeetingPlace is end of sale). It is designed more as a full collaboration conferencing product with web, video and audio features. You can do audio only conferencing as well, but there are some limitations. I would advise you to talk to your Cisco Account team to possibly demo a product and show you what is possible and what isn't when it comes to audio only conferences.

Some of the limitations with audio only conferences that are important to know are:

1. If you schedule a regular meeting and want to join only audio, you cannot password protect audio only portion

2. Password protected audio only can be done by using Personal Conferencing option (you can read more about it in CWMS documentation)

3. Within regular meeting that you joined via audio only, there are no DTMF menu options to manage audio portion of the meeting (e.g. Mute all, lock, outdial from the meeting, etc.). Some of these options are available in Personal Conferencing type of meeting.


I hope this will give you some initial information about CWMS.


Kind regards,




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I have to say, this is by far

I have to say, this is by far one of the biggest pain points in CUCM.  This has come up with our clients for years, MeetMe is just terrible.  Nobody really wants the full blown WebEx solution unless they need the video and web features.  


The only thing you can do is use UCCX or Unity Connection along with MeetMe to have some basic PIN access.  One of the biggest issues with MeetMe is that you can't see the participants and kick/mute them if necessary.  We have very angry clients when they are having a large conference call and an outside caller will put them on hold, or accidentally transfer them to voicemail.  They have no choice but to use another MeetMe room...


I was really hoping CUCM 10 would enhance MeetMe, but instead Cisco did nothing and told everyone to buy WebEx.

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