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How to test Cisco Webex Meeting Server High Availability ? can someone share best practice ?

Dear Experts,


I have deployed Cisco Webex Meeting Server 1.5 High Availability only for Media(not IRP) for Voice only.

Now my customer wants to test High Availability for UAT.

I read Cisco documents and understood there must be reconnect when Primary system down for audio conference and user must re-connect to meeting.

BTW, can someone share UAT document for this ? If not, what is the test step for CWMS HA ?

And how I can make Primary system down for HA test ? shut VmWare ?

Please share your valuable information for CWMS HA test with me.


Thanks in advance.



There isn't a predefined

There isn't a predefined acceptance test for CWMS.  However, I have recently done a few installs and can thoroughly (sometimes too much so) tested a number of aspects of the system.  If you want to test failover behavior for media, the easiest way to do this is within vCenter by simply changing the vNIC configuration to shut off network access on the guest you want to fail.  You can also shut down the individual VMs but just make sure you keep an eye on the system status from within the Admin dashboard as well as on the console of each host.   Also remember that if you shut down the media servers that are used for the inbound trunks (what Cisco calls the Load Balancers) then you will be affecting inbound call capabilities.


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