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MeetingPlace 6.0 Blank Scheduler Calendar


We're still using MeetingPlace 6.0 and have a problem with a user who schedules from Outlook but does not see any of the meeting information on her calendar. The invitations go out fine, it schedules in MeetingPlace fine, but nothing appears on her calendar. Of course, 6.0 is at end of support and I can't seem to find any known issues regarding this,specifically, so was directed here by a Cisco tech.

This is my first time here so hope this is the place to ask, and that someone can advise on a fix.

Thanks in advance!

Cisco Employee

MeetingPlace 6.0 Blank Scheduler Calendar

Hi Mark,

Can you please provide us with 'swstatus' and 'gwstatus' outputs from you MP Audio server to get all the info about the version you are running? Also, let us know what exact version of Outlook plug-in you have installed.

Furthermore, provide us with more information about this specific end user and how this person is scheduling meetings:

1. Does this happen only to this one user?

2. Does it happen every time for this one user?

3. Is this user a Delegate for someone or is scheduling meetings in his/her own calendar?

4. What version of Outlook is this user running?

5. Was this always happening to this one user, or started recently?

6. What might be different on this user's machine, the way he/she schedules meetings, compared to all other end users not seeing the issue?

7. Have you tried reinstalling the MPOutlook Plug-in for this one user?

Thank you.


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