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MeetingPlace conference call on CCM MoH

Has anyone seen this, or have any ideas? Have a MeetingPlace Enterprise 5.4.0 system and now and then, people on hold on Call Manager (multicast MoH) can here meetingplace conference calls when they are on hold with the CCM MoH playing. The people on the MeetingPlace Conference call do not hear the person on hold or the CCM music.

The Call Manager and Meetingplace are completely seperate servers. The Call Manager version is 4.1(3) SR4D if it helps.

The network is clean, no errors, and can't find where this problem is coming from. It does not happen all the time and doesn't happen on every meetingplace conference call.

I don't know much about Meetingplace, does it use Multicast for its audio conferences? I thought they were kept local to the audio server unit (?).

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MeetingPlace conference call on CCM MoH

Fast forward 5 years... 

Any chance this issue was identified?  I’m working with a customer who had an identical issue a couple years ago. They’ve since upgraded from CUCM 4.x to 8.6.2 (MeetingPlace remains at 5.4) and the issue still exists! It appears the common denominator is MP 5.4. The easy answer may be to upgrade/replace MP but a root cause is always nice.

For the record the UCM Media Resource Groups leverage a Communication Media Module in a 6500 chassis; there's some suspicion of a DSP leaking.


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MeetingPlace conference call on CCM MoH

For the sake of closing out this question...  The answer was found deep in a Cisco wiki post.

Suppressing Music-On-Hold

You can configure Cisco Unified Communications Manager to play music for the held party when users put a call on hold. However, if a user places a meeting on hold, the music plays into the meeting until the user retrieves the held call. To prevent this, you can configure Cisco Unified Communications Manager not to play music on hold for calls routed through Cisco Unified MeetingPlace H.323/SIP IP Gateway.

Specifically, make sure you do not assign to the Cisco Unified MeetingPlace H.323/SIP IP Gateway a Media Resource Group List that includes any Media Resource Group that includes Music on Hold servers, as the MeetingPlace IP Gateway can join a multicast Music-On-Hold (MoH) group. Since MeetingPlace is a transmit/receive environment, being put on hold can mean meeting participants listen to MoH, as well meetings in progress to devices configured to participate in the multicast group, resulting unexpected and undesirable privacy breaches.

As an additional workaround/resolution, if the customer is using Cisco Unified Communications Manager (CUCM) Version 6.1 and later, verify the CUCM Service Parameter "Send Multicast MOH in H.245 OLC Message" is set to False.

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