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Removing Meeting Place 6 Audio Server Failover Configuration

Hi, I have an old MeetingPlace 6 system.

Issue - Intermittently users are getting static and dead-air experience. Looking at Call Manager CDR, the call is trying to route to offline audio server. I verified the IPGateways for failover Audio server configuration and did not find so.

Requirement - I would like to remove the failover configuration sine failover server is offline

Considerations - How do I do this? What do I have to consider?

Thanks in Advance,



Removing Meeting Place 6 Audio Server Failover Configuration

It has been a while since I worked on a MP 6 system. 

Try the following

You will need to use the CLI and log in as the technician and the tech$ prompt should appears

Enter the net command

Select 3 Select other server option and you need to enter the Unit number which should be 9

Now select 2 and if we have the correct Unit number we want to deactive it which will turn off the Shadow Server reference.  Look at any other option to make sure your remove all reference to the Shadow Server.  When done enter 99 to save everything

Good luck.

Cisco Employee

Removing Meeting Place 6 Audio Server Failover Configuration

Hello Amish,

If calls are being routed to an offline MeetingPlace server, the issue may line within the CUCM configuration instead of the MeetingPlace setup.

On the CUCM Administration page, under Call Routing, Route/Hunt, find the Route Pattern that these calls are matching when calling into MeetingPlace, then confirm the Gateway/Route List this Route Pattern is pointed to. If this is pointed to a Route List, check that Route List under Call Routing, Route/Hunt, to see which Route Groups are assigned. Then check those Route Groups to see if you have an H.323 Gateway listed going to that offline MeetingPlace server.



New Member

Removing Meeting Place 6 Audio Server Failover Configuration

Hi Andrew

I have looked at both the suggestions from you and jdedell12.

1. Shadow Server - there is nothing configured

2. H.323 on CUCM - I have two IP GW's configured. Nothing else relevant to Shadow server.

3. IP GW's - Checked GW SIM config

Interestingly enough, after the Audio server power cycle the issue fixes itself.....I have had this issue twice in the past 9 weeks....random behaviour.

If this occurs again, I am going to reconfigure the GW SIM in the IP GW's. Since IP GW's route the calls, I am thinking that there may be a bad configuration issue here. This is going to be the next area for look out.


Thanks guys


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