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Robotic Voice In Recorded Meeting...!!


We have On -prem set up for CWMS ( version  >> MR1 ),

An issue was observed i.e. The voice quality in live meeting was very clear,but when we went through the meeting recordings, the voice got distorted,we heard the robotic voice for entire meeting duration..

The affected meeting was so important for that perticular project, So,

1) Can we have any provision to fix it ??

2) Is there any 3rd party software available so we can filter that robotic voice to hear the the meeting clearly ??

3) Any work around to fix this issue so far ??

- Saaga

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Cisco Employee

Robotic Voice In Recorded Meeting...!!

Hi Sagar,

Does this happen with every recording or just some recordings? So far I know there is one defect in regards to NBR recording quality issue: CSCul77207 Bad voice quality in nbr recording, and this defect is resolved in CWMS 1.5 MR2 (cisco-webex-meetings-server- that was released over the weekend. Here are the release notes:

I am not sure if updating to MR2 will resolve the playback of this existing recording, but should prevent future recordings from experiencing poor quality.

At this time, I am not aware of any 3rd party software that can filter robotic voice.


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Robotic Voice In Recorded Meeting...!!

Thanks for the Info Dejan,

well this issue was faced by only one user near abt 3-4 times, We have provided the work around from TAC. The meeting was so IMP & it needs to be shared with other user who din't attended the session thats the reason I am seeking the help for any recomended 3rd party app, So I can nullify the effect at som extent.

Hop you will understand the scenario..

- Saga

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