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VCSC down but needs to do mutisite calls through mcu

hello i have an environment with 5 VC kits along with 4505 mcu, vcsc and tms , my VC kits are all unisite so are tied to the mcu for mutisite calls routing through the VCS-C and monitored from the tms. while on a call my VCS-C went dead and that affected my E164 and sip dial plans so i had to move the 5 vc kits to direct calling rather than connecting via the gatekeeper. this have been able to achieve in doing P2P but when i tried doing multisite calls after i had moved my VC kits to IP so that i can achieve the multisite calls when booked from the tms but that didnt work, information from the tms shows calls initiated, calls connecting,active calls {0 of 5}. am sure there is a work around that can be achieved, pls anyone out there with a solution? might even have to attached the config files of the kits in question if requested for . thanks

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