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AAR for CallCenter Express

On location Liederbach are CUCM, Voicegateway and the IPCCX and some agents. On location Hamburg are just some agents and a Voicegateway. Between the loacations is a WAN link. I specified 640 kbs in CUCM/Location between the 2 locations. The calls for the CallCenter enters at location Hamburg and the agents there work on these calls. If no agent on location Hamburg is available the call will be routed over the WAN to the agents at location Liederbach. Everything works okay so far. But when there is no more bandwith available, I can see, the calls are routed automaticaly (AAR) over PSTN. These calls arrives at the agents in Liederbach, but they never have the chance to pick up the calls, as the call imediately disconnects and a new call will be established. For normal calls AAR works perfectly, but not for calls with the CallCenter as destination. Does a call with the CallCenter as destination need more bandwith? Because for nomal calls 80 kbs is enaugh for 1 call, but not for those to the CallCenter. Any idea?

Find attached a debug isdn q931 of the Voicegateways.

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