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Abandon Call Report Detail

We know the fact that the values in the Real Time Tables will not exactly match the values in the Historical Tables as the Historical Tables are updated after every 30 Minutes interval. But my issue is a bit different and as the 2 values that we are comparing are both from the Historical Database. Let me explain it to you in detail.

At the end of the day we need the information of the Total Abandoned Calls for the day or any particular time interval. The figure (simple

count) of the total abandoned calls, we get from the CallType21 report or from the table "Call_Type_Half_Hour" (from Historical database). Now we also need the details (time, ANI, Wait time etc) of these abandoned calls, which we try to get from the table "Termination_Call_Detail"

(from the Historical database again). But both these figures don't match.

For example, if we get 150 abandoned calls from the "Call_Type_Half_Hour"

table then we only get the details of 120 abandon calls from the "Termination_Call_Detail" table.

Could someone tell me from where exactly i can get the details of all abandoned calls since there is no report in the webview that shows the abandoned call details (i.e. detail of each call that was abandon).


Re: Abandon Call Report Detail

On what system are you viewing this Statistics?


Re: Abandon Call Report Detail

irisrios, this is a UCCE system. The original poster is querying the databases.



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Re: Abandon Call Report Detail

Yes, IPCC Enterprise....

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