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Abandon ring or hang up being reported as RONA? or something else

I have a few agents that are complaining their phone will ring for about a half a ring and hang up and then be counted as a RONA, or so they say,. However, looking at another complaint from one of them, I'm not sure....

Looking at the TCD table, the CallDispositionFlag is 1 which in the schema is DBCDF_HANDLED = 1 and CallDisposition = 13 from schema says:

  • 13 = Disconnect/drop handled primary route

    In ICM, indicates the call was handled by an agent and was neither conferenced nor transferred. These calls are counted as handled calls in the ICM Schema's service, route, and skill group tables.

    In IPCC Enterprise, indicates that a call was routed to an agent on the Call Manager PG and handled without a transfer or conference. This call disposition is also used for non-routed calls handled by the agent if wrap up is used. On the VRU PG, this indicates that the call was not routed, but caller did not abandon. The script ended without routing the call. Route Call Detail records would provide more data in the RouterErrorCode field as to why.

  • But the RCD table , the  RouterErrorCode= 0.

    Not sure if this one showed up as a RONA or not, but the main issue are these half rings. And of course it is only happening to these agents at a specific location and believeing them is hard as their managers really don't know how to read reports or understand how the contact center really works. It's tracking this stuff down and making sure i'm getting accurate data that is the hard part. Also, I can't verify that it's not happening anywhere else, this is just the group reporting it and it's inconsistent and only happens to a few agents.

    The other call from yesterday, the only one I could find that she said rang for only a half ring, That call apparenlty was classified as a RONA, and I think it's the call I'm following through the TCD and RCD tables. Is there anything that could attribute to this behavior? Thought I would ask here before I go to TAC which is my next step.

    We are running CVP 7.0(2) UCCE 7.5.9, UCM 7.1.3, CTIOS 7.5.9

    Any help would be appreciated,


    Re: Abandon ring or hang up being reported as RONA? or something

    Is there a talk time associated with these calls?  Can you check the agent activity report and see if these agents are actually answering calls and releasing them?  Do you see any errors in the router log viewer?  Does it happen to every call?  Can you see if the agent went to not ready with reason code 32767, which is the RONA reason code?


    New Member

    Re: Abandon ring or hang up being reported as RONA? or something

    No talk time for one of the calls or errors in the router log viewer either that I can see. There were not rourter code errors either and it seems random from what I can tell. As far as the reason code, are you referring to CTIOS desktop logs or some other table?

    New Member

    Re: Abandon ring or hang up being reported as RONA? or something

    So it appears that UCM is the culprit as I just found out that someone called one of the Agents with an issue directly to her phone extension; went straight to voice mail. She said she saw the call come in but it rang for a 1/2 second or ring and then went away. This only is happening at one location, so I'm going to our network and UCM guys to figure this out. I'll post a solution or something when we find something just in case anyone cares......

    New Member

    Re: Abandon ring or hang up being reported as RONA? or something


         I care! :-)

    Did you ever figure it out?  we're having kind of the same problem and I was wondering if it had to do with CVP SIP RONA.


    New Member

    Re: Abandon ring or hang up being reported as RONA? or something

    We now have a TAC case open. We are using a SIP proxy also with CVP, but RONAs are being routed and counted correctly from what I can see. Based on test calls (and production calls that don't get answered) everything else is working as designed, it's these random calls that I'm not sure what is going on. Been awhile since I posted this, but that's our current status here.

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