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Abandoned calls before entering the queue

Hi team,

We have facing a problem of abandoned calls before queue, I reviewed scripts and the CTI route point settings in cucm and there is no errors. This problem occurs randomly, there is no pattern, so it is difficult to repeat the problem. I have difficulties to collect logs because large volume of the calls in database, sometimes the logs are discarded. The information that I have from the caller in that time period is that it gave a busy signal and disconnect call.

Following the report information:

Are there way to collect logs that I can check if we have a problem with media resource?

Best regards,

Daniel Sobrinho

Is it UCCX or UCCE?

Is it UCCX or UCCE?

Hi Chintan Gajjar,

Hi Chintan Gajjar,

Is UCCX 8.5(1).

Daniel Sobrinho

You can start from looking at

You can start from looking at CCDR/Call detail to identify if you see any calls there being abandoned because of the system issues and then you got look at uccx logs for what reason they were abandon?

Follow what Chintan is saying

Follow what Chintan is saying and see what the logs are telling you. Have you made any test calls to see if you can reproduce the issue? I don't speak Portuguese (assume it's Portuguese), but your report only shows 1 abandoned call, right? How many calls are you actually seeing being abandoned? Finally, don't forget to also check your IVR prompting. Are you telling the customer that the wait is going to be very long? Are you telling the customer to go online or to reach you differently? Those might be causing some of the deflection too.


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