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About a original called number in IPIVR

Hi, everyone

My name is donghwa in korea.

I'm implementing both a IPIVR 4.5 and two callmanager cluster that one is version 5.0 , the other is version 6.0.

The two clusters are connected through ICT and IPIVR 4.5 is connected a callmanager 5.0.

The Callmanger6.0 of two clusters has a mgcp voice gateway with FXO.

Under bellow scenario, the problem occurred.

1. A custmer in PSTN calls to callmanager 6.0 through mgcp voice gateway with FXO.

2. The mgcp voice gateway received the call and sends to translation-pattern which was defined as dn 1000.

3. Translation-pattern 1000 redirected the call to callmanager 5.0 using called party translation mask include 2000.

4. Callmanager 5.0 received the call through ICT, the call is sended to IPIVR4.5 which had route point 2000.

5. The IPIVR received a call and i check a original called number in Get Call Contact .

I want a original called number with 1000 which is tranlation pattern in callmanager 5.0 but it had last redirect number 2000.

Plz, talk about how i can and what do to gain correct original called number (1000) ??

thank you.

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Re: About a original called number in IPIVR

I attach a diagram.

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