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ACD Extension showing Voicemail Icon

Hi Contact Center Community,


Would like to check this unusual we have observed with one of our Supervisor Phone. The ACD extension is showing voicemail icon when it is not configured to have voicemail in our Unity. The phone has two directory numbers; one for primary user phone number which has voicemail and an ACD extension for call center which we are seeing voicemail like icon beside it.

I'm not sure why we have that for a single user only, did this something you can help me with?


Thanks in advance!



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HiFirst check if the ACD line


First check if the ACD line is linked to voicemail in some way - dial voicemail, and see if it asks for a PIN or a user ID - if it asks for PIN, then the user is linked to a voicemail box. This may be as an extension or as an 'alternate' extension.

If it asks for a User ID then you can try just turning off the voicemail light. Find your MWI off number on the CUCM system, and then press the ACD line and dial the number


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You can search for Alternate

You can search for Alternate Extension configurations in Unity like this:

  1. Click Users
  2. Select Limit search to Partition
  3. Select Where Name is (your Unity Partition here)
  4. Select Display Primary and Alternate Extensions in Selected Partition
  5. Enter the ACD extension number
  6. Click Find

HOWEVER... Alternate Extension configuration in Unity does not control Message Waiting Indicators. That is a separate configuration within a User. I don't know of a way to search for those.


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Thanks for responses. Not

Thanks for responses. Not sure what happen there, that ACD extension number is 6750... we don't have anywhere in Unity Connection for that dn though we have some in 674x and 675x as voicemailbox.


Notification went out when we delete ACD extension 6750 and re-add it on phone. Just not sure what the root cause is.

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If your integration to Unity

If your integration to Unity is SCCP it's possible that the user accidentally dialed the MWI ON extension and triggered the MWI this way :-)


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