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Adding another dialer without additional hardware

Hi, We're running IPCCE 6 and we already have a dialer configured with 10 ports and I wanted to know if I could add another instance of the dialer without having to add another server (hardware) and split the ports between them.

Under the ICM Configuration Manager/Outbound Option/Dialer, I have a dialer configured as:

Dialer Name: COO1

Computer Name: XXXXXXDialer

Peripheral Name: CCM1

Ports: 10 ports

1. Can I click on the Add button and add another dialer? lets say COO2 and split the ports between them; 5 each?

2. Is this possible without adding additional hardware?

3. how would adding an additional dialer work?

4. What impact would it have on my existent configuration?


Re: Adding another dialer without additional hardware

You can run the Dialer on the PG in UCCE 7.2 and later - in fact, Cisco recommend that. In the version you have, if I remember correctly, another box was stipulated.

A Dialer can have up to 96 ports. I don't see why you would want a second Dialer when you only have 10 ports. What are you trying to achieve?



New Member

Re: Adding another dialer without additional hardware

We have 2 business units running different dialer campaigns at different times and overlapping times also. We wanted to make certain campaigns go out specific ports so those calls would show a different calling number.

Currently we can only tell a campaign how many ports (of the 10) to use but not which ones.

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