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Adjusting abandoned call timer

I have a customer that wants to see abandoned calls in the reports only if someone disconnects after 20 seconds.  Whether it is at the Application level or the CSQ level.  I think the default is set to 10 seconds?  Not sure if there is some place I can edit that globally but if not I am guessing I have to create some sort of timer in the script that looks at an Exception to say is the timer before 20 seconds, if so, mark as handled. 




Adjusting abandoned call timer

This can be accomplished at the script level.

Effectively you want to catch for ContactInactiveException, mark the time the caller enters, if the exception is caught catch the current time, delta the time; if the result is < your threshold, mark the call as handled.

Tanner Ezell

Tanner Ezell
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Adjusting abandoned call timer

I have that but can't seem to get the logic correct

On Exception (ContactInactiveException) Goto Abandoned Calls

= Set ArrivalTime = T[now]

Abandoned Calls:

If (T[now] < T[ArrivalTime]) Then    <------ I don't know how to add 20 seconds to this statement


          Set Contact Info (--Triggering Contact--, handled)



          Clear Exception

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Adjusting abandoned call timer

I figured this out.  Had to make my variables "long" and convert the time to milliseconds.  Then I just added 20000 to check and see if the Abandoned Time was less that Arrival time + 20000.


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Re: Adjusting abandoned call timer

I have a new request based off of this one.  If the caller hangs up within 25 seconds of entering the queue they don't want to count this as an abandoned call but they would like to see this number on a report.  If the caller hangs up after 25 seconds of being in the queue that will count as an abandoned call.

I thought I would be able to use the Dequeue step and they would see that show up on the CSQ Activity report but when I do a reactive script debug the call fails at that step with the following error:  Failed to get the ICD Channel from the Contact

I assume that is because the person already hung up.  How can I mark these calls as Dequeue or Handled by other so the user can see these in the CSQ Activity report?  Or, if there is a better way to accomplish this please point me in the right direction.

Here are the steps I am using:

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