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Afterhours Pager Notification

Requirements – Customer calls in afterhours and leaves a voicemail for service such as HVAC,  From this Voicemail a page needs to be sent out to the person on duty, if they don’t answer it goes to the next person.  They currently have 4 tiers each being 10 mins apart. 

The other part is that the people on call change weekly.  Today we are doing this with the Unity box, voicemail notifications.

The goal is to move there Service Depart to IPCC but not sure how to handle the Afterhours notifications in a much better way than the current Unity solution.  (On Version 7.1 on both Unity and CM today)  No IPCC today.

Anyone have any suggestions?




Re: Afterhours Pager Notification



     Holds a schedule for after hours rotations


     Managers the callback process and sets status updates

Script 1

     Receives after hours inbound calls, uses Recording step to record what caller has to say write to repo with a name that's a sequence ID, hangs up on caller, places call to first person on the list, out pulse callback number to pager and sequence ID, hang up, write time stamp to xml, delay 10 minutes, check status, if handled, end, if not goto next, rinse and repeat.

Script 2

     After hours person calls back on this line, enters sequence ID, playback prompt, hang up, update xml

I wrote this as an xml solution, because it works with enhanced and premium, but honestly if you're going to do this right, and have premium, use an external DB to manage the callback process.

Anthony Holloway

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